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Freetime Artist Ari Hjulberg is an experienced, reliable expert in promoting companies with over 20 years' experience in sales, purchasing, and marketing, and offers his services to companies large and small from all sectors all over Finland.

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My company's values

Appropriate assistance, responsibility, and networking are the values of my company. The cornerstone of my high motivation is the belief that my actions earn me support and the credibility, status, and network that goes with it. When working on commissions, I do it with the thought that everything should be taken simultaneously to its completion without compromising on quality.


I am loyal, helpful, supportive, perseverant, and ambitious by nature.

I believe these qualities have been a boon to me over my twenty-year career.

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Your flexible partner in sales, purchasing, and marketing

At present, my area of work covers the entire economic area of the European Union. If your business is active outside the EU and you would like us to work together, do let me know as precisely as possible what kind of project you would like my services for. Commissions from far away will be taken care of using appropriate communication channels.


My work hours are flexible, and I also work evenings and weekends. Most projects require stretching and exceptional work hours -- as a flexible worker, this is no issue for me.

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