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Does your company have projects you want external expertise for? Are you planning on sending an offer to a client for a large business investment? Do you need a helping hand to ease commercial communication and put upcoming investments or possible business sales out to tender?



Freetime Artist is an expert in online marketing with over twenty years' experience. I offer multifaceted services to companies which help us to move your company's sales forwards effectively. I serve businesses of all sizes from all areas, all over Finland.


What's more, Freetime Artist's work also supports various product tests, reports, and possible marketing for products and services. Whether it be a question of testing motor vehicles or peripherals, branding for clothes, or the launch of other services, I can help you in all these cases.

Your reliable, loyal, and diligent work partner

What is important to your company when working in cooperation with other companies in advertisement, marketing, sales, and events? Do you value mutual respect, fair play, and a good work ethic? If yes, we could be singing from the same hymn sheet. Freetime Artist Ari Hjulberg is prepared to help your firm in promoting sales. I am loyal, helpful, supportive, and perseverant by nature, as well as ambitious, and I serve businesses with two decades' of expansive experience in sales, purchasing, and marketing.

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If you are looking for a work partner for targeted marketing, an advertising campaign, events, general advertising, photography, or other projects, I would love to hear about it. Whether the project is big or small, I am up to the challenge.


Get in touch with the contact form and tell me more about your business and the project you have in mind. You can also inform me of the urgency of the project, the location, and what the project comprises in general. If you wish for me to put together an offer for you, please fill in the relevant fields carefully. I go through my contact requests daily and answer each and every one as soon as possible.

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Networking for everybody's benefit

Communial projects and the requisite codes of conduct often demand several operatives. Projects can be multidimensional, at which point successful actualisation means the cooperation of experts from many different fields. Networking is a natural way for me to do my work, which is why I love working on communal projects. I am a proponent of networking and I feel it helps us help each other in working effectively for the good of all involved.


I am at your disposal when you feel working with a single operative would be easiest for your firm. This is when I survey the situation, making use of my wide-reaching network of cooperative partners, and piece together a cost-effective offer for the realisation of the whole project.

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